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Aluminum Extrusion Innovating

At Northern States Metals, we are continuously innovating our aluminum extrusion processes to stay ahead of the pack.

NSM is:

  1. The leading provider of aluminum extrusions, components and finished private-label products

  2. A one-stop full service organization.

  3. Able to provide extrusion sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 24″,

  4. An ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

We’re Programmed to Innovate

North States Metal has been in business for nearly 50 years and we serve over 30 industries. Because we specialize in custom work, we’re programmed to innovate. As a full service organization, we’re the guys who take you from concept to completion. We understand how competitive your industry is and that you need to move quickly to meet market demand.

Hundreds of Designs Have Come Through Our Doors

NSM’s highly skilled team of experts bring fresh insight by leveraging their vast industries’ experience. Hundreds of design have come through our doors in the past decades and we’ve helped customers achieve greater efficiency with their designs, created innovative new aluminum extrusion designs, lowered their overall component costs and improved their logistics efficiency.

From prototyping new ideas to optimizing completed products and parts, Northern States Metals offers full services to meet your product requirements including:

  1. Design Engineering

  2. Extrusion

  3. Fabrication

  4. Finishing

  5. Assembly

  6. Quality Control

  7. Packaging

  8. Logistics, Warehousing and Shipping

Contact a NSM Extrusion Specialists to learn more about how Northern States Metals can help with your next extrusion project.


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