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Renewable Energy: Northern States Metals Meets the Challenge

ChargePoint has built the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network. They provide the charging stations, mobile app and network that allow people to charge EVs everywhere they go. It’s taken ambitious vision and perseverance to create the new products needed to support that kind of growth. It also took a dedicated extrusion component partner, called Northern States Metals (NSM), with an extraordinary depth of knowledge and experience to help bring their vision to life.

Design efficiency for extrudability, and quality management, the team developed a program that produced a spectacular product without the (often unavoidable) high scrap rate. The program required several iterations. The NSM team maintained regular communication cross‐developmentally to work through challenges and dial‐in all design and marketing requirements. The final prototype exceeded all expectations.

We were impressed with the quality of Northern States Metals services, their design ingenuity to help us reduce costs and their attention to customer satisfaction.”  

– Pasquale Romano CEO, ChargePoint

With nearly 50 years of experience in the extrusion industry, these kind of advancements are the hallmark of Northern States Metals commitment to superior quality and customer service.


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