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Quality Medical Device Production of Aluminum Extrusions

The medical device industry is expected to outpace growth in the broader economy and increase from a $164 billion dollar market in 2018 to $208 billion in 2023. The industry is expected to achieve those growth numbers by reaching more patients and increasing their per capita sales.*

While companies look to expand their businesses, they need reliable, experienced partners to deliver highly specialized parts for their products.

This is where Northern States Metals’ (NSM) deep knowledge of aluminum extrusion processes, our decades of aluminum extrusion industry experience, use of advanced technology, and attention to total quality management – all converge to deliver tangible results for medical device customers’ aluminum extruded products.

Those results include:

  1. Delivery of high-quality dimensional accuracy

  2. Cost efficiency with a very low scrap rate

  3. Robotics technology delivering top-of-the-line Class A finishing

  4. Quality control providing reliable product consistency

View the aluminum extrusion services we offer.

NSM Designs Smarter

Our engineering team is able to review technical designs and analyze production plans from a granular perspective offering options that can reduce processes and materials or potentially offer a modification to the design which will better utilize extrusion processes to speed production.

Whether its streamlined production, less materials, or optimized processes – they all lead to the same result – a reduction in costs.

Contact a NSM Extrusion Specialists to learn more about how Northern States Metals can help with your next extrusion project.


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